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Extraordinary resolving power and realism is delivered by an exceptional 50.6MP Full Frame CMOS Sensor. Ultra high resolution allows for dramatic trimming and dramatic detail-rich images suitable for post Production.


Focus quickly and precisely, even in low-light conditions using a 61-point AF System. 41 cross-type focus points, including five extra-sensitive double cross-type, provide extra accuracy.


ISO of up to 6400, with a crisp, clean readout means you can shoot perfect landscapes in low light situations at a huge 50.6 MP.


Intelligent Viewfinder II lets photogrphers shoot & change settings whilst looking through the viewfinder so you won\'t need to take your eyes off the action.


Full function touch screen interface makes it easy and intuitive to change settings, select focus points and review images with pinch zoom


In camera Multiple Exposure modes that mimic the multiple exposure effects available with film cameras while providing additional, exclusively digital options.


Advanced functionality supports customised recording preferences – record to both cards simultaneously for immediate file backup, auto-switch cards when full or record RAW and JPG on separate cards


Tackle high-contrast lighting with built-in HDR capabilities. Using continuous shooting and auto exposure bracketing together, three frames are captures at different exposures. These are combined into a single HDR image.


Scene Intelligent Auto is a fully automatic mode. The camera analyzes the scene and sets the optimum settings automatically. It also adjusts focus automatically by detecting whether the subject is still or moving.


Full frame CMOS sensor is capable of recording extraordinary levels of detail. The ultra-high resolution enables extensive cropping and still delivers stunning image quality.


Fine-tune brightness, Picture Style, white balance, ALO, colour space and noise reduction, saving the results as new JPEG files on the same memory card.


Featuring high-speed continuous shooting at 5 fps while boasting ultra-high-resolution performance, made possible by the high speed readout capability and Dual DiG!C 6 processors.


Canon\'s DIG!C imaging processors set the standard for functionality & performance. The Dual DIG!C 6 processors deliver enhanced capabilites & even faster readout from the sensor.


In order to take advantage of the high resolution sensor a Mirror Vibration Control System suppresses camera shake blurring, to achieve sharp, stable high image quality


Featuring an in camera crop function means you can shoot wide or tall and edit the images on the spot for the best results.


A 150,000 pixel RGB metering sensor with infra-red sensitivity ensures that images are correctly exposed under a range of lighting conditions, even if the light source flickers


Be as creative with moving pictures as you are with still photography. Shoot high-definition video in 1080p resolution.


Choose a shooting interval and a defined number of shots and shoot a series of still images and then save them as a time lapse movie within the camera.


The Intelligent Viewfinder with approx 100% coverage lets photographers shoot and change settings whilst looking through the viewfinder so you wont need to take your eyes off the action


Use with the wide selection of Canon Legendary L-series lenses to capture a new perspective with superb quality.


Ensure your horizons are kept straight with Dual-Axis electronic level featuring live readout feed on the LCD monitor


Display your High Definition Video or stills over HDMI.


Super speed Certified USB 3.0